Achieving Mastery in Sales

Needless to say, an immense amount of dedication is needed to reach mastery in sales.

In fact, if research is to be believed we’re talking about at least 10,000 hours of active purposeful practice. And all this in the face of massive and continuous rejection – the iceberg-sized obstacle that all salespeople need to overcome to achieve their potential.

You have to cope with your ego, goals, and dreams being smashed to pieces with every rejection and still show-up to put the hours in.

This is why succeeding is such a massive challenge for salespeople, you need tremendous levels of grit and determination to hit mastery.

The key ingredients of the mental state built for sales mastery

To persevere, and reach those 10,000 hours of honing your sales game, your mental state at almost all times must display these traits:

  • You never felt like quitting.
  • Very little makes you doubt you would hit your goals.
  • Your ego never feels hurt by the knockbacks.
  • When presented with objections, obstacles, or problems you create solutions.
  • You strive every day to be 1% better than yesterday.

Whether a salesperson, a sportsman, a writer, or anything else, with this mindset you would simply persevere to put in the reps required to achieve mastery.  

Although this is easier said than done to display these traits consistently. And maybe we feel some salespeople are just born with this attitude of grit and determination more than we are.


What if you could hack determination and grit?

But firstly, why do the words often associated with the ‘correct’ attitude in sales have to be grit, hustle, and determination? These actually have negative connotations making all of us feel the sense of EFFORT required to achieve something.

What if there was a way of hacking into grit and determination and making it feel effortless. 

The human brain actually is hard-wired to choose the line of least resistance to achieve things. This is why we search for hacks, apps, and services that make our life easier.

Well thankfully, the research actually shows that for those who stick to tasks, processes, and are blindly lost in the pursuit of excellence, the process actually feels:


The reason certain salespeople keep stepping up, don’t give up, keep putting in the reps, and remain focused is because it doesn’t feel like grit or determination, it actually feels effortless!

This effortless state is called Flow. 

This effortless state we seek that from the outside seems like grit and determination. It is actually the same state that elite athletes strive for, the state in which human creativity excels, and also this is the state we unlock our true potential.

This state is called Flow and for those who experience it, it feels the exact opposite of grit and determination, it is immersive and effortless. Time passes by without you realising and you feel your happiest.

In Flow, the main reasons your work will feel effortless is that you experience:

  • No negative self-talk. 
  • No feeling of effort. 
  • No boredom. 
  • No lack of motivation. 

In Flow, you can stay focused for long periods of time and put in the reps to take you to mastery. Your mental state is in its peak state and your have unwavering determination.

The Flow state creates the purest immersion in the tasks at hand. It is the key to success in any role. The tasks you need to complete start to become rewarding in themselves, regardless of the outcome.

The Flow state feels like a superpower. You forget about your goals, the doubts, the pressure, the results, and do exactly what has to be done at the right time. Success is just a by-product of this state.

Research shows, in this state, the prefrontal cortex quiets down and all the parts of the brain associated with creativity, passion, determination, and pattern recognition activate more.


The benefits of the flow state

In this flow state you will no longer be searching for grit and determination as you can be:

If you were in flow regularly you would likely feel invincible, not only as a salesperson but also in life. Others may cite you as being gritty and determined but you would know it feels like anything but that.

It’s not a mystical state, although it may sound new age to you. You may question things around peak performance, many do. But there is enough scientific evidence to back up that the state of flow is literally the greatest self-achievement hack to reach your potential.

This is a great Ted Talk to watch on flow and why for humans, this is a natural objective of life.

The conditions and triggers of flow have been studied enough to now understand what can help people access the state of flow more often and what causes you to fall out of this state.


It’s time to find out if you are in Flow

Thankfully you do not have to read these years of research, as we have 🙂

And we have created a way for you to measure if you are in a state of flow, what you are doing right and what blockers do you need to remove to access this state more often.

All you need to do is take this questionnaire, read the results and our recommendations. You will be on your way to learning the hacks and conditions to access the most important mental state of your life.

In this state, you have the highest probability of maximizing your potential as a salesperson and that is all you can ask of yourself.

Your sales game will go through the roof.

So give it a go…