The fastest way to manage your CRM

Touch is an astoundingly minimal and fast interface synced with your CRM to manage prospects, deals, and tasks.


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Solar System

Built to make sales

CRMs were built for management - Touch is crafted for salespeople.

Get ready to experience the fastest sales tool, designed only for your workflows, synced to your CRM for your manager.

Without Touch
With Touch

Touch is so delightful to use and makes sales tasks so effortless there will be no going back.

Using Touch, I spend hours less time on admin and more time working deals. There's no going back now.
Ritesh Patel

Sales Director

I have unlocked a new world of communication with contacts, whilst CRM hygiene is fast and effortless.
Greg Campbell

Sales Director @MoharaVentures


Superfast task completion

Complete all your sales workflows with just a few keystrokes.


Unlock your deepest focus

A stunningly minimal UI to keep you in a state of flow.


Leave behind the competition

Reach your prospects on any channel.

Since gaining access to Touch, my team have no idea how I'm achieving so much - This is a top performers secret weapon.
Louis Harwood

Founder @Tennoc

Those days of several tabs open plus my CRM are long gone, my productivity has exploded.
Perry Power

Head Negotiator @PowerBespoke


Step into a new world of ultra-performance.


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